Rue des fleurs

Rue des fleurs

What is it about?

The starting point of the idea is our understanding of unstoppable expansion of social isolation, regardless of age, social rank or attitude .The gap between the social-permanent-networked and those who are consciously „offine“ is increasing rapidly ... noticeable with every " Like“ - button click. More and more people are shamelessly self-displaying, even when the whole world can see them fail. What matters is that you are present and everyone can see and hear it. That you belong to it. But belong to what?
To a giant " people mush " which is appreciating the transmission of banal allround-news? People who put more value to the truth of social network – postings than to have a look in the eyes. So it is obvious that some people fall by the wayside, especially when they decline the standardized access to society or are not familiar to it. Does such an „alien“ react with resignation, anger or with overall fear? Someone who does not belong to something...Someone who defines integration not only as a word but also as being a stranger. To be faced with those „strangers“ needs honesty, acceptance and respect. And it does not need half of the world. Just one single person who can look through the veil of routine and see the
human behind it.
We learnded it the hard way, felt the thin line between social isolation , self- selected or imposed, and blatant social exclusion. We realized that you could live quite well and long in this state. But one unexpected moment, a minor change or a barely perceptible stumbling block can transform
the comfortable isolation to a unbearable feeling of emptiness, often followed by unexpected dimensions of despair and fainting. " Rue des Fleurs " provides insights into the life of an old man who is stuck with good conscience in his environment. His Habitat is almost exclusively a apartment, even if it offers neither comfort nor physical security. But it is home and shelter from the outside world. As a forgotten he remains in his life .... as a shadow of his past and the decisions, which were not taken. The boundaries of the insulation surrounding him at all times, but thin out once a day, when the music acts as a social link. What can happen if you interrupt his rhythm and confront him with his social alienation? Even if it is done in good intentions? Can such a stranger respond appropriately on a sincere gesture or unexpected affection? In our film we want to show this social weaning and leave no shift of the normal untouched.

After 18 month of refinig the story, in summer 2013 the production of the film began.


Clay model
Clay model

Before starting the CG-work, Annegret Ehrhardt modeld the head of Gustave using clay. This step is most important for finding the character.

The advantage of this method is to have a first and handy peace of design, which you can hold in your hands and turn around.

Now we started with the complex processing in the computer by taking photographs from different views to use them in the software as modeling reference. 

schmalbreit-film - Annegret Ehrhardt.
Shaded & Clay

After modeling the whole character we added shaders, textures and hair.

We used a subsurface scattering shader to show the translucence of then skin even if the rendertime increased drasticly. But in the result it is much more vivid than without.